Educational Tours

We’re all about offering the best school trips with varying styles, lengths and budgets.

Whether your students are a troop of history buffs, media-mad or learning a new language. Take a look at our subject specific educational tours or get inspired by our destinations! These are school field trips with a big difference!
  • Basic English for (4 weeks) SAR 10,500
  • Basic English for (8 weeks) SAR 19,500
  • Basic English for 12 weeks SAR 27,500
  • General English for (4 Weeks) SAR 11,500
  • General English for (8 Weeks) SAR 20,900
  • General English for 12 Weeks SAR 27,500
General English Tuition for (4 weeks) SAR 3399
The world is quite literally your oyster! From school trips abroad, to domestic jaunts, educational school trips are kind of our thing! Get inspired by our top educational trip destinations. We offer tailor-made educational visits, bespoke school travel and residential trips, all whilst making your budget go further!
Tired of the same old field trip? We are dedicated to providing inspiring school residential trips to all those slap bang in the middle of their educational career. Our talents are specifically geared towards providing enriching, safe and inspiring educational trips in a fun and engaging way. When creating secondary school trips, we work with school teachers to expand the horizons of students and get them thinking beyond the four walls of the average classroom. Say hello to your preferred School Trip provider!