Global Travel Planning And Reservations

Using streamlined processes, automated tools and advanced workflow management, ACE Travel Group brings a higher level of simplicity and cost savings to the art of serving today’s busy corporate traveler.
The client can select the travel planning and reservation solutions that best reflect its needs.

Travel Offices:

These are large street-level offices with bigger team sizes to provide comprehensive travel management solutions for business travel, leisure travel and personal travel that we opened to general public and equipped with the integration of intelligent technology

Business Travel Center:

Airline reservations and ticketing services featuring experienced, knowledgeable travel consultants focused on providing business travel services, with the technology support integrated with travel offices.


Efficient travel management model which results in high quality, fast service for the end user whilst giving concrete measurements of productivity, service level etc..
Our Total Travel Management solutions offer the following:

Excellence in service, beyond industry standards, is our goal.